Magnetic U.S. Map Puzzle, Develops Fine Motor Skills

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  • INTERACTIVE puzzle map will help little learners learn geography-state names, landmarks, plants, animals and more!
  • SKILL DEVELOPMENT: Geography, Critical thinking, Spatial relationships, Fine motor skills
  • MAP PUZZLE: The Puzzle’s 43 magnetic pieces depicts the name and shape of all 50 states, as well as famous landmarks, plants, and animals from that part of the country. It also included paper outline helps kids learn the location of each state
  • FRIDGE MAGNETS FOR TODDLERS: Ready for display on whiteboards, fridges and other magnetic surfaces, the completed map puzzle measures 19″ from east to west
  • GIVE THE GIFT OF LEARNING: Whether you’re shopping for holidays, birthdays, or just because, toys from Learning Resources help you discover new learning fun every time you give a gift! Ideal gift for Halloween, Christmas, Stocking Stuffers, Easter or even for Homeschool.
Number of Pieces 120
Age Range (Description) 48 months to 144 months
Puzzle type Puzzle Box
Theme Maps
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Learning Resources Magnetic U.S. Map Puzzle, Fun Geography for Kids, US Map, Develops Fine Motor Skills, 44 Pieces, Ages 4+
Learning Resources Magnetic U.S. Map Puzzle, Fun Geography for Kids, US Map, Develops Fine Motor Skills, 44 Pieces, Ages 4+

5 reviews for Magnetic U.S. Map Puzzle, Develops Fine Motor Skills

  1. Amazon Customer

    Very nice, quality puzzle, with bright, well rendered, glossy pieces. My only complaint is that the magnets are SO strong that they are actually difficult to lift off the magnetic surface (refrigerator, in this case). Unfortunately, while trying to break the intense magnetic seals and lift the pieces, you end up frustratingly “picking at” the boarders and edges, resulting in the top cardboard layer peeling up and separating from the bottom magnetic layer! Too bad the glue holding the cardboard to the magnets isn’t as strong as the magnets! After only using it a handful of times, I’ve already had to glue 3 pieces’ top layers back down after they’ve begun to separate or peel away from the magnets beneath. I’m hoping this won’t be an ongoing problem and the weakest ones have been fixed. Because otherwise, I really do love the puzzle and hope our family will be able to use it for a few years.

  2. NeoshaLoves

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     I love the Learning Resources products. This one is no exception. If I can engage my littles in anything the sticks, is magnetic, colorful, etc – I’m for it! I love that this is magnetic. We had a puzzle version of a map but that didn’t last long at all lolThis comes with an outline of the states. Although, it may be a little tight in some areas when placing the pieces together – overall, my son especially loves it! Great addition to our homeschool toolkit.

  3. Kate Mahoney

    I have a 6 y/o autistic son and some of his favorite educational toys has come from Learning Resources. I wanted him to start learning states and capitols in a way that would be fun so I bought this. He does like it but I think it could be a little better. I’ll start with the cons:If you plan on putting this on the fridge, you need to make sure you have a wide fridge door that isn’t too curved. It barely fits on ours (see pics) and Maine is constantly falling off the edge. I think we’ll move this downstairs to our wall mounted white board.If you have little ones who can get their hands on this they will destroy the pieces pretty quickly. My 2 y/o nephew was at my house for a day and now a bunch of the states are bent and have teeth marks in them (see pics).I wish the magnets themselves had the capitol names on them so we could use them without the paper map and still learn capitols. The paper map is pretty heavily creased and some of the magnets have a hard time staying on over the top of the creases. This has gotten better with time, but still. It would be nice if the map outline page had its own magnets on it to keep it in place.Also, several of the New England/North Eastern states are lumped together because they’re so small. I understand why they did it, but that’s kind of a bummer.The good things are that this is big and good for small hands. The magnets are strong. Each piece is pretty well made, bright and colorful with a picture of something the state is known for. This would be fun for a variety of ages.All in all I like it, but it could certainly be better. Hopefully this helps someone else! I paid full price for this.

  4. Music lover

    My four-year-old grandson was able to put this together (with suggestions) and enjoyed doing so. We used the back of a metal cookie sheet, which worked well. The magnetic back is strong, and the puzzle is well made.

  5. mom of 4

    Great state map for learning where the states belong! I chose this one because I liked how the background doesn’t show you were the pieces belong (unlike most map puzzles). Most other puzzles have the outline of the states printed on the backgrounds, which makes finding the states too easy. My only criticism is that I had to cut and separate the smaller New England states (RI, CT, MA, NJ, DE, VT, CT), so each state was its own piece. I also cut off the border edges around the USA, so my son could not automatically tell that it was a border state. (There is a gold decorative border on the outside edges of those states.). The good news is that it is fairly easy to cut this foam puzzle with scissors.My son quickly learned his states with this puzzle. I highly recommend it. The pieces magnetically cling to my refrigerator door and I have never had a problem with them falling off.

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